Table Games

Games & Chips

Three types of table games will be available to play at the event:

  • Roulette – 1 table, $1 buy-in
  • Blackjack – 2 tables, $5 buy-in
  • Texas Holdem – 2 tables, $5 buy-in

Standard game rules apply. Chips will be dollar-for-dollar value at the tables. Each bidder package will outline game rules and procedures.

Everyone who purchases a ticket will get a coupon redeemable for $25 worth of gaming chips at check-in on May 19. You must turn in your coupon to the cashier or table dealer at the event to get your chips.

Players can purchase additional chips at the cashier station on event night:

  • Minimum $10 purchase of chips (CREDIT CARD ONLY PLEASE)
  • $50 = 2 for 1
  • $100= 3 for 1


We will have double-sided raffle tickets provided by the gaming company. Chips will be turned in at the end of the night, and dealers will hand out one (1) raffle ticket for every $5 dollars in chips that a player has. Tickets are put into a drum and two are drawn for prizes. This way everyone gets a shot at winning, even those who don’t play as much.

The more you play and win, the better the chance you have at getting a top prize.

*Must be present at time of drawing in order to claim prize*